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Terms and Conditions

Nottinghamshire County Council, Notts Outdoors offer a number of educational packages at The Mill Adventure Base, Kingsmill Reservoir, Sutton in Ashfield, together with off-site activities in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and further afield.
  • All activities carry an element of risk and are run and supervised by appropriately qualified and experienced staff in accordance with procedures agreed by the Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority where required.
  • All necessary safety equipment is provided; this equipment is regularly checked and maintained.
  • No one will be expected to take part in any activity that is beyond his or her capabilities.
  • All participants should come suitably prepared for the activity. Where necessary protective clothing will be supplied. However, a complete change of clothing, including footwear should always be brought along, plus a towel if undertaking water activities. Jeans are not suitable for any activity.
  • Whilst it is not essential to be a swimmer to participate in water activities, it is imperative that the instructor is aware of anyone with poor swimming ability or low water confidence.
  • Remote supervision may be employed during non activity times within strict boundaries.
  • Any activity that requires transport will use an appropriate and approved form.
  • Anyone who is considered to be under the influence of alcohol/illegal substances will be removed from site.
  • It is illegal to smoke at any NCC site and in any NCC vehicles.